AUTECH GROUP creates a better future with ‘the best product’ that you’ve ever experienced before.

AUTECH GROUP leads ‘positive changes for innovation’.

AUTECH GROUP is implementing ‘the 30,30,30 strategy’ to preemptively react to rapidly changing environment following
the 4th industrial revolution.
‘The 30,30,30 strategy’ came from the idea of making 30% changes from the prior through innovation every year.
Specifically, the idea to ‘achieve a growth rate of 30% and 30% of changes in products and to restructure for 30%
of improvement every year’.

AUTECH GROUP has invested more than approximately 100 billion won into R&D in order to pave the way for a sustainable growth,
and taken an active part in finding out a new growth engine for the future.

With ‘the best product’, AUTECH is ready to go to the world beyond Korea.

AUTECH GROUP aims to become a ‘global company’ which provides products that global customers are eager to have it based on our ingenious technologies. AUTECH GROUP creates a better world with ‘the best product’ targeting not only domestic markets,
but also foreign markets.

AUTECH GROUP has developed a mature partnership with Global Carrier Network, operating in approximately 180 countries, and UTC Group. Also, we are vigorously exporting to global markets such as Southeast Asian markets, European markets, etc.